Psychotherapist Specialized in Prevention and Treatment of Trauma


Psicoterapia Informada en el Trauma


Online Psychotherapy


Online psychotherapy is an option for people who wish to receive psychological support but are unwilling or unable to do it in person, or who simply feel more secure receiving this support from the comfort of their home.


From the first sessions, the therapeutic experience begins to be fully lived and trust and empathy grow, thus strengthening the therapeutic bond, which is totally possible through the internet.

Through an integrative therapeutic process based on Psychotraumatology , a relationship of empathy and trust is established that builds the therapeutic bond in which the improvement of health is promoted in an integral way.

Request more information and schedule your therapy appointment online by sending a message through the space at the bottom of this page.

Costs and payment method:

The service has a cost of 650 Mexican pesos or 35 US dlls for one hour of session and 3,500 Mexican pesos or 180 US dlls for six sessions.

You can make the payment in different ways: cash, deposit in OXXO, Paypal, credit card, deposit or bank transfer.

If you have any questions, I invite you to send a message using the space in the footer, I will gladly answer your questions and accompany you on the path of scheduling your online therapy initiation session.


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